We are delighted to welcome you to the ever-expanding STAAR VISION Family and assure you of our truly personalized, proficient, and preeminent services as our valued customer. Our aim is to make Banking and Financial experiences satisfying and successful for all our investors and customers, and we look forward to your feedback for as.

Our Mission, Values, and Motto

Company Profile – Staar Vision Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

Staar Vision Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. is fully registered in banking, financial, and insurance services. We provide banking and financial services, including demat accounts, support and guidance, savings accounts, insurance, loans, credit cards, and all other banking and financial services. We are also sales partners of BANK SATHI and ONE CODE, DSA Partner of DEAL OF LOAN & LOAN LENDER, and registered with insurance brokers MINT PRO and RENEW BUY. We are sub-brokers of CHOICE BROKING and authorized partners of UPSTOX, IIFL, TRADE SMART ONLINE, ALICE BLUE, and DRA PARTNER OF ANGEL BROKING. We are also registered in MSME. In stock market services, we are registered in NSE AND NISM. We are dealing in financial education & training also and providing various important educational modules to enhance the financial awareness amongst investors, traders & others customers. We have only one STAR VISION Subscription product , please check price below. we are not provide any kind of advisory or paid services in STOCK MARKET

Explain Subscription Benefits and Terms and Conditions by Managing Director of STAAR VISION FINANCIAL SERVICES PVT LTD.

You can also pay our subscription charges in installments.

We are Managing Director of Star Vision banking and Financial Services, First of all, thank you for choosing our services as your first choice, about our subscription and service. You must have been informed by our Client Relationship executive about subscription Benefits, but we will give you correct information again .We will inform you about the complete details of the subscriptions and services and the terms and conditions so that you can take full advantage of the subscription!!

Banking Services:

  1. In banking services, you or your family (parents or real brothers and sisters) can get any 5 files login, in which 3 times you can submit a credit card application, 5 times you can get personal loan, home loan, car loan login. You will not pay any kind of login charges, registration charges, or processing fees.
  2. If you get your General (Car, Bike, Motor) or Health (Health Or Life) insurance for you or your family (Parents, Brothers & Sisters Real) after subscribing to Star Vision, then you will get a 10% – 25% discount net. Available at the premium value!
  3. If you subscribe to Star Vision after that, you can apply for 5 E-Pan Cards and can open 3 savings bank accounts which will not have any charges!

Financial Services:

  1. After taking a subscription, you can open a demat account in 5 brokerage houses, whose opening charges will be paid by the company, and you will get full support with minimum brokerage charges (20 Buy / 20 sell) at the lowest brokerage charges.
  2. After taking our subscription The Company provide you one more extra benefit that (Tips & Level and Stock Market Support and Guidance) Its totally free of cost. Our company will not charging any extra cost for it , we will provide daily 1 to 2 level and its totally researched based
  3. We provide feedback of already researched levels (like angel broking tips and guidance, choice broking, and all other sources of tips and recommendations. We provide feedback and help to choose good and accurate levels for intraday and delivery basis. We are not taking any kind of fees regarding stock market services. We are also registered in NISM AND NSE AND ALSO SEBI REGISTERED BEHALF OF SUB BROKER.

Terms And Conditions (Disclaimer):

  1. Our motive is not to earn money; our motive is to spread awareness in the market, and our aim is to build a long-term relationship with the customer. , so that we can be our customer’s first choice!!
  2. We are already making you aware that without stop loss it should not work as well. The stock market has more than 90% risk of losing up capital, but we always try our best to cover the risk of the customer’s capital. However, if you have to face any kind of loss in the market, then star vision or star vision related people will not be responsible for that 0% also, star vision does not take any responsibility of any kind of loss and profit! The stock market is a business, and there is a risk of loss in the business, so if you face any kind of loss, then we can try to recover it, but we do not give any kind of guarantee that there will be profit, or If what has been lost, then they will get it covered, we do not make any such commitment, not do we give any kind of guarantee!!
  3. We do not provide any kind of demat account handling services, so do not share your Demat account ID password with anyone.
  4. You should pay the subscription charges in the company itself, if you do any kind of transaction personally with any employee due to your personal bond, then Staar Vision will not be responsible for that. And if any such matter comes in front of us, then the company will take legal action on the employee and will fire the employee without salary as per the company policy
  5. we are not provide any kind of paid services in particular service like banking , finance and insurance , we have only on one ( paid subscription) product in which our company provides the benefits of banking , finance and insurance together.
  6. We do not provide any profit sharing services, any mf scam , any dabba trading and all other guarantee services.
  7. if you want insurance or loan and credit card services during the subscription period, so please update your Client Relation executive And take all benefits of subscription.
  8. We provide feedback of already researched levels (like angel broking tips and guidance , choice broking and all other sources. of tips and recommendations. We provide feedback and help to choose good and accurate levels for intraday and delivery basis. We are not taking any kind fees regarding stock market services. we are also registered in NISM AND NSE AND ALSO SEBI REGISTERED BEHALF OR SUB BROKER.

Refund & Acceptance:

If you agree with all the terms and conditions of STAAR VISION, please confirm by writing in the reply to this email (I Agree with Your Terms And Conditions). If you have any problem related to subscription, services, or any other issue, you have the right to claim a refund within 24 to 48 hours. Your subscription amount will be sent to your bank account within 5 to 7 days after receiving your email. If we do not receive an unsatisfactory response after this period, we will consider that you are satisfied with our service, and your service will continue without the possibility of a refund.

We hope that you will like the services of Staar Vision Financial Services ,we will providing the best services and hopefully it will be beneficial for you. Your trust is our identity, we are always ready to serve you! For any query and complaint Or Refund Request. so please contact with company support by mail or contact number/ whatsapp

IMPORTANT NOTE: Security Market Investments are always subject to market risk, and past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Before taking any subscription of STAR VISION BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES, clients should read the disclaimer, disclosure, terms of use, and privacy policy of the Company.

Our goal has never been money, we aim to provide our customer with the best services and support, making us their best and first choice, or as our tagline emphasizes.

Best Regards
Managing Director